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BOOKS/eBOOKS Order at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. ALL PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS CATALOG ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 15 SAVE $25! Mental Health Package Pediatric Psychopharmacology for Primary Care Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care: A Clinician's Toolkit MA0806 Price: $284.90 $259.90 Member Price: $227.90 $202.90 Medicolegal Issues in Pediatrics, 7th Edition This manual provides guidance on a wide range of medicolegal topics, including Telephone and on-call care Legal issues relating to e-mail, Web sites, and telemedicine Documentation of pediatric care Liability for vaccine administration and much more Paperback, 2011-283 pages MA0591 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-584-1 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-701-2 Price: $49.95 Member Price: $39.95 Vaccine Administration Record This 8" x 11" card is designed to be adaptable to your practice and to keep track of all pertinent data. Includes space to record the information for 12 different immunizations. HE0116 Pack of 100 Price: $28 Member Price: $25 Short Medical Record The Short Medical Record tracks a patient's health and medical history. Foldable, passport- sized design slides into the durable 3" x 5" plastic jacket. HE0020 Pack of 50 Price: $40 Member Price: $35 e t- PRACTICE RESOURCES Autism: Caring for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians, 2nd Edition CD-ROM, 2013 CD0064 ED0013 Digital Download ISBN 978-1-58110-586-5 Price: $94.95 Member Price: $74.95 Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care A Clinician's Toolkit CD-ROM, 2010 CD0056 ISBN 978-1-58110-348-9 Price: $199.95 Member Price: $159.95 ADHD: Caring for Children With ADHD A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians, 2nd Edition CD-ROM, 2011 CD0063 ISBN 978-1-58110-578-0 Price: $94.95 Member Price: $74.95 Includes Spanish and English handouts! Includes Spanish and English Handouts! NICHQ Vanderbilt ADHD Assessment Forms HE0516 NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale: Teacher Informant HE0517 NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale: Parent Informant HE0518 NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Follow-up: Parent Informant HE0519 NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Follow-up: Teacher Informant Available in packs of 50 forms. Price: $21.95 Member Price: $18.95 For ADHD site licensing opportunities, contact SAVE 25%! ADHD Forms Package! Package includes 1 pack of 50 of each form. HE0523 Price: $87.80 $66 Member Price: $75.80 $57 HE0328 Initial History Questionnaire HE0329 Medication Record HE0330 Problem List HE0429 Problem Visit HE0471 Well Child/2 to 5 Days (First Week) HE0483 Well Child/1 Month HE0484 Well Child/2 Months HE0485 Well Child/4 Months HE0486 Well Child/6 Months HE048 7 Well Child/9 Months HE048 8 Well Child/12 Months HE0489 Well Child/15 Months HE0490 Well Child/18 Months HE0491 Well Child/2 Years HE0492 Well Child/2 Years HE0493 Well Child/3 Years HE0494 Well Child/4 Years HE0495 Well Child/5 to 6 Years HE0496 Well Child/7 to 8 Years HE0497 Well Child/9 to 10 Years HE0498 Well Child/11 to 14 Years HE0499 Well Child/15 to 21 Years Each Visit Documentation Form Sold in packs of 50 Price: $21.95 Member Price: $18.95 AAP Pediatric Visit Documentation Forms The Pediatric Visit Documentation Forms are designed to provide health care practitioners the resource they need to appropriately document activities within the typical well-child visit, support proper coding, and secure appropriate payment for performed services.

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