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AAP JOURNALS & PERIODICALS 30 Order at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. ALL PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS CATALOG ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Start and End Every Day on the AAP News & Journals Gateway. AAP JOURNALS & PERIODICALS AAP Institutional Licensing Provide anytime, anywhere access for all staffmembers and SAVE! To learn more about institutional site licenses, e-mail or go to The online-only AAP journals of record are accessible on the AAP News & Journals Gateway at 2017 Pediatrics in Review Included with the PREP The Curriculum General Pediatrics Self-Assessment Package Peer-reviewed journal with practical clinical articles on the diagnostic and therapeutic management of diseases and delivery of pediatric care. "I use the information in Pediatrics in Review all the time with patients that I treat in an urgent care setting. It's the best!" - Zaharoula Angela Viennas, MD, FAAP Online and Print Nonmember: $265 Member: $210 Online-Only Nonmember: $205 Member: $160 Earn CME Credit Pediatrics Official journal of the AAP and world's leading resource of original research, reviews, commentaries, policy statements, clinical practice guidelines, and special supplements. "I always look forward to receiving Pediatrics because there is so much applicable to my busy University Hospital Clinic." -Moshe D. Roberts, MD, Resident Member Online and Print Nonmember: $209 Online-Only Nonmember: $159 AAP News Official newsmagazine of the AAP and trusted source for key advancements in the field of pediatrics. " AAP News offers important, cogent, up-to- date information in an easy to digest portion. Thank you!" - Donald L Shifrin, MD, FAAP Online and Print Nonmember: $95 Online-Only Nonmember: $75 Hospital Pediatrics Premier journal for research focused on improving pediatric patient safety and quality care for critically ill children and children with medical complexity. " Hospital Pediatrics is the best place to get articles essential to the hospitalized child. It keeps me up-to-date with current and changing practices." -Kendria Hall, MD, FAAP Online and Print Nonmember: $120 Member: $95 AAP Section on Hospital Medicine Benefit Online-Only Nonmember: $95 Member: $75 NeoReviews is supported, in part, through an educational grant from Abbott Nutrition, a division of Abbott Laboratories, Inc. AUGUST 2015 Vol. 16 No. 8 Relative Adrenal Insufficiency in Premature Infants: State of the Art Bioethical and Regulatory Issues in Newborn Medical Research Index of Suspicion in the Nursery Case 1: Preterm Neonate With Isolated Fetal Ascites Bo!Pgdjbm!Kpvsobm!pg!uif!Bnfsjdbo!Bdbefnz!pg!Qfejbusjdt TM Premature State of Bio oe e eth o oe o oe o Regulato or Regula o or o or Regul Regu Regul o R Regu Re e Re Reg g gu u g y I Newbo o orn Ne o Ne N Ne N R Inde e ex x o of f of Su the N Nu urs s sery eterm m Ne eo o ona olate ed d Fe eta R in Pre Is 2017 NeoReviews Included with the NeoReviewsPlus Self-Assessment Package The official AAP CME journal for neonatologists and NICU nurses, with clinical reviews, case reports, legal briefs, and visual diagnosis. " NeoReviews is the must-read journal for neonatologists and anyone working in the NICU." -Jawahar Jagarapu, MD, FAAP Online-Only Nonmember: $160 Member: $125 Section Members: $115 Earn CME Credit NEWLY UPDATED! 2017 AAP Grand Rounds Literature review from expert pediatric general and subspecialty academics analyzing looming health issues in all of medical research. "I feel more connected to pediatrics after reading AAP Grand Rounds . It is perfect for keeping up-to-date easily." - Geraldine Tookey, PPCNP-BC, National Affiliate Member Online and Print Nonmember: $145 Member: $116 Online-Only Nonmember: $110 Member: $88 JUNE 2016 DVOL. 35 NO. 6 DPAGES 61-72 Persistence of Protection From Early Peanut Consumption Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods in Breastfed Infants Effects of Prenatal Seafood Intake on Child Development Oxygen Saturation and Bronchiolitis Severity Earn CME Credit 6 More Index of Suspicion Cases per Issue! New Content Focus in 2017!

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