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FOR PARENTS 36 Order at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. ALL PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS CATALOG ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Empower parents and reduce unnecessary calls to your office with AAP parenting titles! Sleep What Every Parent Needs to Know American Academy of Pediatrics Editor: Rachel Y. Moon, MD, FAAP Parents of infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents will find answers to sleep challenges such as sleep safety, bedtime routines, nightmares, and bedwetting in this comprehensive volume. Paperback, 2013-219 pages CB0073 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-781-4 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-806-4 Price: $16.95 Member Price: $13.95 Nutrition What Every Parent Needs to Know, 2nd Edition American Academy of Pediatrics Editors: William H. Dietz, MD, PhD, FAAP, and Lorraine Stern, MD, FAAP Parents will have the necessary information and strategies to meet the dietary needs of their children from birth through adolescence with the help of this guide. Paperback, 2011-384 pages CB0055 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-321-2 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-631-2 Price: $14.95 Member Price: $11.95 ADHD What Every Parent Needs to Know, 2nd Edition American Academy of Pediatrics Editor in chief: Michael I. Reiff, MD, FAAP Based on the current AAP clinical practice guidelines, this clear, accessible guide offers parents balanced, reassuring, and authoritative information. Paperback, 2011-336 pages CB0062 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-451-6 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-632-9 Price: $16.95 Member Price: $13.95 Waking Up Dry A Guide to Help Children Overcome Bedwetting, 2nd Edition Howard J. Bennett, MD, FAAP Children aged 6 to 13 who wet the bed and their parents will discover the secrets to dry mornings with this proven program to do together. Paperback, 2015-241 pages CB0087 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-906-1 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-907-8 Price: $16.95 Member Price: $13.95 Mama Doc Medicine Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health, and Work-Life Balance Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP Working moms will find a relatable voice in this compilation of blog posts on such topics as vaccines, sleep, and work-life balance. Paperback, 2014-389 pages CB0075 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-837-8 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-832-3 Price: $16.95 Member Price: $13.95 The Picky Eater Project 6 Weeks to Happier, Healthier Family Mealtimes Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RDN, FAAP, and Sally Sampson, Founder of ChopChop Kids Families can transform picky eaters into fledgling foodies with help from this hybrid parenting, nutrition, and cookbook. Paperback, 2016-227 pages CB0096 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-981-8 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-982-5 Price: $19.95 Member Price: $15.95 Dad to Dad Parenting Like a Pro David L. Hill, MD, FAAP Dads will appreciate the straight talk and humorous parenting tips from one of their own in this comprehensive guide, informed by Dr Hill's practice. Paperback, 2012-373 pages CB0069 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-650-3 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-717-3 Price: $14.95 Member Price: $11.95 Autism Spectrum Disorders What Every Parent Needs to Know American Academy of Pediatrics Editors: Alan I. Rosenblatt, MD, FAAP, and Paul S. Carbone, MD, FAAP This volume helps parents understand how ASD is defined and diagnosed and provides them with information on behavioral and developmental therapies. Paperback, 2012-320 pages CB0070 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-651-0 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-758-6 Price: $14.95 Member Price: $11.95 INDIEFAB BRONZE WINNER INDIEFAB BRONZE WINNER SAVE UP $ 13 TO IPPY AWARD WINNER when you buy the What Every Parent Needs to Know Package! CB0094 Price: $66.75 Member Price: $53.40 EXPERT RESOURCES FOR PARENTS As Seen in The New York Times

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