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5 This essential resource provides key background information and recommendations for themes critical to healthy child development along with well-child supervision standards for 31 age-based visits-from newborn through 21 years. With Bright Futures, health care professionals can accomplish 4 tasks in 18 minutes! Disease detection Disease prevention Health promotion Anticipatory guidance Bright Futures Guidelines Pocket Guide, 4th Edition also available! All the essentials of the Bright Futures Visits in an easy-to-access format. It's the quick reference tool and training resource for busy health care professionals. Paperback, February 2017-123 pages BF0044 Book ISBN 978-61002-082-4 eBook ISBN 978-1-61002-083-1 Price: $16.95 Save with special Bright Futures Packages! SAVE $10! NEW Bright Futures Guidelines, 4th Edition, Package Includes Bright Futures Guidelines book and pocket guide BF0045 Price: $86.90 $76 SAVE $25! NEW Bright Futures Guidelines, 4th Edition, Deluxe Package Includes Bright Futures Guidelines, 4th Edition, book and pocket guide and Bright Futures: Nutrition, 3rd Edition, book and pocket guide BF0046 Price: $163.80 $138 SAVE $10! NEW Bright Futures, 4th Edition, Pocket Guide Set of 5 Includes 5 copies of Bright Futures Guidelines Pocket Guide, 4th Edition BF0047 Price: $84.75 $75 Also from Bright Futures care sh e Bright Futures Nutrition, 3rd Edition Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD; Nancy H. Wooldridge, MS, RD, LD; Mary Story, PhD, RD; and Denise Sofka, MPH, RD Paperback, 2011-278 pages BF0037 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-554-4 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-624-4 Price: $59.95 Bright Futures Nutrition, 3rd Edition, Pocket Guide Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD Paperback, 2011-79 pages BF0038 Book ISBN 978-1-58110-555-1 eBook ISBN 978-1-58110-625-1 Price: $16.95 What's NEW in the 4th edition? Builds on previous editions with new and updated content that reflects the latest research Incorporates evidence-driven recommendations Includes 3 new health promotion themes -Promoting Lifelong Health for Families and Communities -Promoting Health for Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs -Promoting the Healthy and Safe Use of Social Media Includes new screen time recommendations Provides greater focus on lifelong physical and mental health Weaves social determinants of health throughout the visits Features updated milestones of development and developmental surveillance questions Provides new clinical content about the latest recommendations and provides guidance on how to implement them in practice Maternal depression screening, safe sleep, iron supplementation in breastfed infants, fluoride varnish, and dyslipidemia blood screening Includes updates to several adolescent screenings

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