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BOOKS/eBOOKS 6 Order at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. ALL PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS CATALOG ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Red Book Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 3rd Edition Editor: Carol J. Baker, MD, FAAP Tackle infectious disease challenges with this handy reference! The third edition of this best-selling resource aids in the diagnosis and treatment of more than 100 of the most commonly seen pediatric infectious diseases. Streamline disease recognition and clinical decision making with more than 1,200 finely detailed color images adjacent to step-by-step guidelines. Three new chapters added, covering fungal diseases, hemorrhagic fevers (filoviruses), and trichuriasis. Includes more than 1,200 full-color images! Concise text descriptions step through diagnosis, evaluation, and management essentials for each condition. Clinical manifestations Etiology Epidemiology Incubation period Diagnostic tests Treatment Hardcover, October 2016-777 pages MA0805 Book ISBN 978-1-61002-060-2 eBook ISBN 978-1-61002-061-9 Price: $99.95 Member Price: $79.95 INFECTIOUS DISEASES/ANTIMICROBIALS Editor in chief: Emeritus: John S. Bradley, MD John D. Nelson, MD Practical, evidence-based recommendations from the experts in antimicrobial therapy The 23rd edition of this best-selling and widely used resource on pediatric antimicrobial therapy provides instant access to reliable, up-to-the- minute recommendations for treatment of all infectious diseases in children. For each disease, the authors provide a commentary to help health care providers select the best of all antimicrobial choices. Drug descriptions cover all antimicrobial agents available today and include complete information about dosing regimens. In response to growing concerns about overuse of antibiotics, the program includes guidelines on when not to prescribe antimicrobials. Paperback, December 2016-291 pages MA0809 Book ISBN 978-1-61002-074-9 eBook ISBN 978-1-61002-075-6 Price: $39.95 Member Price: $31.95 2017 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy, 23rd Edition 4-Star Review -Doody's Book Reviews of 22nd Edition NEW! Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools A Quick Reference Guide, 4th Edition Editors: Susan S. Aronson, MD, FAAP, and Timothy R. Shope, MD, MPH, FAAP This award-winning guide provides child care directors, teachers, and caregivers with essential information on the prevention and management of infectious diseases in group-care settings. The newly revised and updated fourth edition is aligned with the most recent version of the premier AAP source of information on infectious diseases- Red Book . The robust section of more than 50 quick-reference fact sheets on common infectious diseases and symptoms has been expanded to include new sheets on Clostridium difficile (or "C diff"), Norovirus, and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA and MSSA). Additionally, the sample letters and forms section offers new and updated documents on pressing topics, including a Refusal to Vaccinate form. As always, the guide is easy to use, providing clear, authoritative guidance on limiting the spread of infection. Spiral-bound, September 2016-247 pages MA0804 Book ISBN 978-1-61002-050-3 eBook ISBN 978-1-61002-051-0 Price: $59.95 Member Price: $47.95 NEW! SAVE $15! New! Nelson's and Red Book Package Includes 2017 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy in print and Red Book in print Paperback MA0829 Price: $189.90 $174.90 Member Price: $106.95 $91.95 Succinct Pediatrics Evaluation and Management for Infectious Diseases and Dermatologic Disorders Obtain the latest evidence-based information for treating infectious diseases and dermatologic disorders! See page 15. NEW! Also available Doody's Core Title NEW! New! App for iOS devices

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