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BOOKS/eBOOKS 8 Order at or call toll-free 888/227-1770. ALL PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS IN THIS CATALOG ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. CODING New 22nd Edition! Coding for Pediatrics 2017, 22nd Edition Code it right the first time and minimize claim denials and payment delays with today's most trusted pediatric coding and documentation guide. For beginners and advanced coders alike, this is the first place to look for pediatric-specific coding solutions! A widely used AAP exclusive, it complements standard coding manuals with proven pediatric-specific documentation and billing solutions. This year's completely updated 22nd edition includes all changes in Current Procedural Terminology ( CPT ) codes for 2017-complete with expert guidance for their application. The book's many clinical vignettes and examples, as well as the many coding pearls included throughout, provide added guidance needed to ensure accuracy and maximize payment. In addition to revised CPT codes, new and updated features in this edition include New chapter providing information on coding for services by allied health professionals in the physician practice New chapter focused on coding for management of chronic and complex medical conditions More examples of coding for preventive services recommended by Bright Futures Spiral-bound, October 2016-478 pages MA0798 Book ISBN 978-1-61002-039-8 eBook ISBN 978-1-61002-040-4 Price: $134.95 Member Price: $107.95 Includes ICD-10-CM guidance! NEW! ''I absolutely love all the AAP products for coding. By using all these resources, I have seen an increase in my revenue by 20%." -Linda Parsi, MD, FAAP NEW FOR 2017-QUICK REFERENCE CODING TOOLS SAVE 15% on this New Package! Coding Card Tool Box Pediatric Evaluation and Management Coding Card 2017 This fully updated card for 2017 includes documentation guidelines for each level of inpatient or outpatient service. 8" x 11" laminated card, October 2016 MA0801 ISBN 978-1-61002-044-2 Price: $21.95 Member Price: $16.95 Quick Reference Guide to Coding Pediatric Vaccines 2017 This completely updated card for 2017 allows for quick assessment of all immunization coding and documentation needs. 8" x 11" laminated card, October 2016 MA0799 ISBN 978-1-61002-041-1 Price: $21.95 Member Price: $16.95 Newborn Coding Decision Tool 2017 This comprehensive chart for 2017 provides clear, easy-to-follow guidelines on how to code for initial and subsequent services when a newborn's situation changes. 12" x 17" laminated chart, October 2016 MA0802 ISBN 978-1-61002-045-9 Price: $21.95 Member Price: $16.95 Pediatric Office Superbill 2017 Completely updated for 2017, this superbill includes all the commonly reported CPT and ICD-10-CM codes. Can be used as a template to design your own office superbill or used as is. 8" x 14" laminated card, October 2016 MA0803 ISBN 978-1-61002-046-6 Price: $21.95 Member Price: $16.95 Tool Box includes Pediatric Evaluation and Management Coding Card 2017 Quick Reference Guide to Coding Pediatric Vaccines 2017 Newborn Coding Decision Tool 2017 Pediatric Office Superbill 2017 MA0827 Price: $87.80 $75 Member Price: $67.80 $58

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