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Hospital Pediatrics is the first journal dedicated to pediatric hospitalists and offers the tools to help provide quick, correct, and targeted medical interventions. Hospital Pediatrics articles are geared toward reducing length of stay and lowering readmission rates, optimizing patient safety and quality improvement, caring for children with medical complexity and chronic illness overseeing pain management practices, enhancing communication among units and multidisciplinary care teams, reducing unnecessary testing, and standardizing administration practices, training, coordination of care, discharge planning, and more! Online and Print Nonmember: $129 // Member: $100 Online-Only Nonmember: $102 // Member: $80 Research Articles Clinical Question Review Illustrative Cases Brief Reports Essays and Commentaries Bending the Value Curve Quality Improvement Reports Journal Features Use downloadable diagnostic images and figures that include full journal article citations for easy reference and incorporation into teaching slides and presentations for colleagues or community/patient education. Teaching Tools h i l di i AAP Journals & Periodicals Hospital Pediatrics has grown in a few short years into a monthly, peer-reviewed publication with a wide distribution. The articles are salient, thoughtful, and cutting edge. Every hospitalist needs to read this journal to maintain high quality of care." Brian K. Alverson, MD, FAAP EDITOR // Shawn Ralston, MD, FAAP DEPUTY EDITOR // Karen Wilson, MD, FAAP ORDER AT SHOP.AAP.ORG/JOURNALS OR CALL TOLL-FREE 866/843-2271. All pricing and specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice. 5

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